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Please only purchase this item if I have replied to your booking request form. Our 1 layer cakes are ideal to share between 2 people, extra small parties and those who don't like having leftovers. One wonderful wedge of loveliness - perfect if there's not many celebrating but you still want something special. This isn't a mountain of cake to get through, but it can feed 6-8 at a stretch (though you'll surely leave guests wanting more!) 

1 Layer Cake (S)

  • Due to the preparation that goes into a celebration cake, we cannot refund cakes that are cancelled less than 48 hours before the agreed collection date. Cakes cancelled prior to this period can be refunded 80% (20% of your payment acts as a non-refundable deposit to secure the date). We cannot be held liable for damage or changes to cakes due to improper transportation or storage,  once they have been handed over to the customer. If you have a concern about a cake you have collected, please email cake@404bristol so that we can resolve the issue. 

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