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Celebration Cakes

Laid back, beautiful and full of flavour. Our cakes are designed for all people and all occasions. 

Cakes are made in our signature single-layer fuss-free style and finished with fresh flowers which are always cake-safe and often edible too. For larger crowds, you can double up with a 2 or 3-layer stacked cake or order a whole slab.  


1. Fill out the form below to place a request

2. Wait for a reply via email to confirm our availability for your requested date (note: this is not a booking confirmation)

3. Once you've had the go-ahead, we'll redirect you back here. Select your cake size in the webshop at the bottom of this page and complete your booking by purchasing the product

PLEASE NOTE: a booking is ONLY confirmed once payment has been made. Do not purchase a cake until we have confirmed that we are able to fulfil the order


To see our pricing for each size, you can browse the webshop first - it's at the bottom of this page

For Wedding cakes, we offer a more bespoke service. Find out more here.

Booking Request 

Thank you! Please note, it could take up to a week to hear from us, we appreciate your patience.


Once you've submitted your request form and had the go-ahead from us via email, you can complete your purchase via one of the products here.

We're still working on product shots for each of our our cakes. If you'd like to see examples of our work, you can check out our Instagram Page
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